Off The Grid Through the Eyes Of Rob Spencer

What is off the grid? What does it mean anyway? Most connect the term with escaping their typical routines and getting away for a bit. Camping, a road trip, maybe even a few hours on a trail hiking somewhere is considered being “off the grid”, right? Yup, anything that takes us away from the world and gets us outdoors to disconnect from the norm and reconnect to ourselves. I think it’s something bigger though, it’s a lifestyle. 

It’s who we are, the way we look at life. It’s what interests us. It’s the way we spend our time. It’s the vehicle we drive. It’s the way we dress, the people we call friends. All of it is a representation of who we see ourselves to be. Getting off the grid is grabbing your family and friends, sharing a weekend unplugged. Hanging out, having fun, making the most of the moment, and keeping things simple enough to live a life of fulfillment every day. 

My name is Rob from, and I am so excited to join the team at Off The Grid Surplus. My role as their head content creator will allow me to share my love of the outdoors and the good I think it does for people, and be a part of something bigger than just myself. I’ve been a fan of these guys since the beginning and have watched them slowly climb their way to the top of the mountain for years.

Josh and his family are such good people that walk the talk, and Bobby has quickly become someone I consider a good friend. Unlike most of the outdoor brands out there, the team at Off The Grid Surplus have a passion for us off-roaders, because they are off-roaders. Their designs represent our lifestyles, and their clothing is built specifically to tackle the trails. 

So join us on this journey, as we live out the “Off The Grid” lifestyle.

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Rob Spencer

Rob has been an outdoorsman and off-roader since he bought his first Jeep back in 1993. His passion for adventure and spirit to explore has taken him all over the world chasing the unknown.After an 18 year career in MMA, he decided to sell his gym and spend his time trying to inspire, encourage and motivate people to get outside and become the best versions of themselves they can be.Rob splits his time between his blog, and his charity, Generations Family Care, and now Off The Grid. Rob immediately loved Off The Grid's brand and quickly became an official part of the family. Rob’s love for creating inspirational and motivating outdoor content and experience in brand development made him a perfect addition to the Off The Grid Surplus team.

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  1. Aaron Dodell on October 11, 2018 at 8:33 am

    Right on and welcome!

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