I started an off-road/outdoor apparel brand in 2012 and this is my story...

I, Josh Patterson, grew up in Escondido, went to design school for a semester and then started my career at Rip Curl as a graphic designer.

I worked my way up in the apparel world through hard work and taking initiative. While working at Quiksilver, I would stay late and on my own time and design pieces I thought they needed. They appreciated my work ethic and gave me a junior clothing designer gig.

I continued my career working for several action sports and outdoor brands and most recently I landed the head men’s designer job at prAna.

But there was one problem.

I would design a pair of pants that would become a top seller at REI, but I felt like I had plateaued in career options as a clothing designer.

While working for these other big brands, I had a creative outlet for myself, creating lifestyle clothes for an industry I had a passion for: the off-roading community.

“Off The Grid” was something me and my buddies would say when they would go to the desert or the mountains, to get away from the day to day and feel some freedom. I checked on the trademark and it was available…for purchase.

So I found a trademark lawyer and bought the rights.

There are a lot of “climbing/yoga/hiking outdoor brands”, but no lifestyle apparel brands who made products specifically for off-road adventure. And interestingly enough, many of the “other” outdoor brands shy away from supporting this type of activity.

In 2017, I launched an indiegogo campaign for my first pair of pants designed with the off-roader in mind. I called them the Trailblazers. I took the best features from outdoor, workwear and tactical and put them in an every-day wearable pant.

They sold out in 6 weeks and then sold out again… and again.

We are now on our 7th round and have rounded out the line with several other clothing options for our customers, from a 4-way stretch nylon pant to denim, shorts, outerwear, flannels, travel shirts and a work shirt. We are able to outfit you for your next adventure.

“Off The Grid” to us isn’t just a saying or a place, but it is a state of mind. We can all use a bit more of it, especially in this day and age.

I Hope you enjoyed the story of how this brand began, and I know if this spoke to you then you will love our clothing.

Check out the original video for our feature pants the Trailblazers...


Off The Grid is the motor-driven adventure brand, built to inspire more connection through adventure. We find retreat in motorized adventure, whether it is off road racing in a Jeep, camping in Baja or connecting around campfire. We make functional clothing with this lifestyle always front of mind hoping to inspire people to get away and connect with each other, person to person.

Unfortunately, many outdoor apparel brands are actively against motor-driven adventure in the outdoors. We are here to fill that gap, wear what you live. Get ready for a full line of outdoor apparel in the coming years. We hope you choose us to fill your apparel needs and support this lifestyle, more and more styles to come.


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