Road 2 Racing Series

Follow along as the founder of Off The Grid embarks on the epic journey of racing the 2022 King of the Hammers.


Josh sat with me at my house's counter bar and we had a dreaming session. I asked him, "What is the one thing that we could do with this brand that you don't think is possible?" He told me he wanted to race Ultra 4 and we could film the journey of him never racing before to racing his first race. Watch as we tell the story of Josh Patterson, Founder of Off The Grid, go from never racing before to racing King Of The Hammers 2021.

Bonus Episode 1.1 - KOH Race Classes EXPLAINED

In this episode J.T. Taylor, Matt Howell, Bryan Crofts, and Wes Inskeep explain and discuss the different race classes at King Of The Hammers. From 4900 to 44000 what class will Josh choose on his road to racing KOH 2022.

Bonus Episode 1.2 - Campbell's Garage at KOH

Take a peek inside the KOH Garage and command center for the Monster Energy sponsored Campbell Enterprises. They are one of the most successful teams in Ultra 4, three-time winner of the King of the Hammers, Shannon Campbell, and his family make up the Campbell Enterprises team. Bryan Crofts of CB Motorsports takes us behind the scenes to see what it takes to be a top-level off-road race team.


Dawson Allington survived brain cancer and set his mind to the next challenge, to finish King Of The Hammers. Now with a new 4500 car, a mentor, and a whole Tribe 16 team behind him, can he complete his target? Watch exclusive POV footage of Dawson and his dad, Mark race in King Of The Hammers 2021. They connect as a Father/Son team as they take on the hardest KOH course ever. Includes special behind-the-scenes race footage including commentary by Wes Inskeep, racer, and retired Navy SEAL.

Bonus Episode 2.1 - Running stock class...Now what vehicle?

In this episode we talk through what stock class vehicle we should get. A couple of our great friends lend us their sage like advice breaking down what platform we should choose: Toyota? Jeep? Ford? Samurai? Solid Axle? Independent front suspension? Buy a wrecked vehicle and start from scratch? Buy a previous stock class race vehicle?


In this episode of Road 2 Racing we head out to Moab Utah for Easter Jeep Safari to pick our new to us 4600 Stock Class Race Car! We were able to get some seat time in the new race car and have the previous owner give us a break down of some tips and tricks and all the inside info. We go hit some trails and wheel and have a great time in Moab!

Bonus Episode 3.1 - Jeep Off-Road with Warn Winch in Moab, Utah

We were so fortunate to go jeepin with Warn Winch and friends at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Matt Howell, Terry Madden, Savvy, Amber Turner,, Brian Klock, Dana Wilke to name a few. People travel from all over the world every year for this incredible event. Our mission was to get Josh as much seat time as possible - and Moab is the PERFECT place. Ride along and enjoy the view of Porcupine Rim - just one of many unbelievable trails out here.

Bonus Episode 3.2 - What a Race Team Partnership means to Off The Grid & Milestar Tires

What does partnership mean to you? In this episode of Road2Racing, Off The Grid's Bobby Klein and Milestar Tires' Martin Castro share a "fireside chat" about the importance of a great partnership. Everyone will fight to be in your corner when you're winning, but who's going to be there when you need them most? Martin and Bobby talk about shared passions for off-road racing, King of the Hammers, epic outdoor adventures and the rare community that make up the Ultra4 family. TO PARTNER WITH OFF THE GRID RACING CONTACT:


When Off The Grid founder Josh Patterson decided to go on this crazy journey of racing King of the Hammers, he explained why there was no team he wanted on his side more than Tribe16: "They are the experts and they've been at this a long time. I wanted to know from Adam and Lance what they thought we should do with our first race car. I can't begin to explain the level of trust I have in the Tribe16 team." Tribe started in a 2-car garage in 2010 with some hand tools and a desire to build cars and parts to help people go faster and farther. Now located in the heart of Fort Worth the Tribe has grown in every way, but the idea is still the same. Everyone here is an enthusiast, racer, rock crawler, trail rider, or over lander, with years of experience and ready to help you realize the full potential of your rig, no matter your needs.

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