Overland Expo West 2023 Recap

Overland Expo West 2023 Recap

Overland Expo West came and it went. We experienced rain, hail, cold, hot and sunshine. It was great to see so many of our friends in the off road and overland community. We made so many new friends as well! We wanted to share a few memorable highlights: 

Our friend @ZacharyDiehl/alter egos stopped by to get some of the newly released Off The Grid clothing and hats.  

@SirWilliamGoes converted to an OTG clothing supporter through our purpose built clothing with all the pockets...

Marco @Ovlndx stopped by to say hello. We hope to be Baja Adventuring with you this summer ;) 

The OTG Expo West Booth guests included Tim and Jenny Malcolm and their amazing ambulance build. Here is a little more about them: 

Tim and Jenny Malcolm are currently in Phoenix, Arizona. Tim has been designing living spaces since his early teens. We had been researching custom RVs when we experienced our first four-wheel drive ambulance in Telluride at the blues and brews festival. Within a few months, Tim had located and gutted our 7.3 Ford E350 Road Rescue, 1BadAmbo. It started off as a side project but kicked into gear after the passing Tim's father. Life is too short and to wait is to gamble. You don't know how long you've got but the older you get, the harder it is to adventure and experience the outdoors. We sold our house and lived with friends for over a year while going to work full time on what you see now. There's no part on this build that hasn't been touched. Our goal now is to go and enjoy our new home on wheels. We don't have an itinerary, a map or a timeline; we're just leaving Arizona to enjoy the journey.


We are looking forward to more events this spring and summer. Hope to see you at the next event or better yet.... out on the trails getting Off The Grid.

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