Measure Guide

Pants Measure Guide

Pants Measure Guide

It's hard buying pants. It's even harder buying pants online. 

You pull the trigger and get them in the mail, but they don't fit!

Now you have to wait another 1-2 weeks to receive your exchange that will hopefully fit in your size! 

...and we don't like that.

This video is our attempt to remove this hurdle from our buying process in 4 simple steps. 


STEP 1 - Grab a pair of your favorite fitting pants.

STEP 2 - Measure any measurements that are important to you.

STEP 3 - Compare the measurement to the fit guides below or on the product pages.

STEP 4 - Buy the waist size and inseam that is closest to your preference.

If they are off from the measurement guide (more than the 1/2'' variance), which does happen from time to time, email us and we will pay for shipping both ways to get you in the right fit. You have nothing to lose. 




Trailblazer 4.0 (Taper), Trailblazer 4.1 (Standard Fit) & the all-new Trailblazer Pro (Tapered Fit) were just stocked, but hurry our pants tend to sell out!


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Rebecca Gardner

Rebecca Gardner

I like your suggestion to measure a pair of well-fitting pants that you already have. I want to find some comfortable relaxed-fit pants for my husband as a birthday gift this summer. Using your advice should help me find proper-fitting pants for him online without ruining the surprise!

Justin Hamlin

Justin Hamlin

I would order at least 2 sizes up for the 4s vs the 3s. The sizing is all messed up. I want these pants so bad but not worth all the hassle of trying to figure out all the sizing changes.

Off The Grid

Off The Grid

This guide is only for new production, Trailblazer 4.0/4.1/Pro. The 3.0’s ran a size to a size and half bigger than this production.

Josh Chavez

Josh Chavez

Does this work for the trailblazer 3.0 and older?
My 34×30 measure 18.5" and my 36×32 measure 19".
Just wondering

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