A Critical Time For Off The Grid Surplus

A Critical Time For Off The Grid Surplus

We wanted to share what is currently happening at Off The Grid as we think it is important to stay 100% transparent during this time. 

First, a quick rundown on what is happening. We were expecting a 1-2 week delay on all orders starting 2/24, which we communicated via website notifications and emails. This was due to a planned 3rd party warehouse move.

Everything seemed to be on track until the new warehouse would not receive our goods so we could start shipping.  Two weeks passed and we were told COVID-19 was the reason, which was understood, but this last Friday, 3/20, we were told differently.

On this day we received notice from our new warehouse that they had been acquired by another company and our goods would need to be moved to another warehouse before any processing of orders could take place, adding another "2 weeks" to the delay. Our ENTIRE inventory is sitting on pallets at a warehouse that has been acquired by another company, who is no longer operating out of that warehouse. 

Quite honestly, we couldn't have been more frustrated, considering this likely was the reason all along our goods were not received. The lack of transparency is very disheartening. 

We are now weighing options of going with the new company, moving the goods to another 3PL or just sending everything home and shipping ourselves. 

We have reached out to several warehouse locations to see what a timeline would be to receive our goods. Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we are looking at up to 6-8 weeks. Not good news.

We have reached out to all the customers who ordered post 2/23, and for the most part they have been amazingly patient, some of which have been waiting for a month to receive their goods. See our Instagram post on the matter here

This is a critical time for us here at OTG and while it has been a painstaking process, we are keeping our heads high and are reminded that, at least, we currently have our health during this uncertain time.

If you didn't know we are a small start-up, currently only 3 full-time employees and it is easy to get nervous about the impact of not only this but also what COVID-19 could do to us as a whole. Even with these ensuing thoughts, we believe that we have created something special with this company and these difficulties will only make us stronger in the end.

If you appreciate our efforts to inspire people to get "off the grid" and supporting OHV use on BLM land, then we could use your help. Here are a few ways you can increase our chances of making it through this time.

If you know anyone with extra warehouse space in North County San Diego, where we can sublet for a few months to buy us some time, please let us know. Our customers are our #1 priority and more than likely we will be shipping ourselves to get the orders out the fastest, but we need space to do so. 

We have three preorders tentatively scheduled - Thunderbolt Shirt - 3/24, Trailblazer 4.0/4.1 - 4/24 & Trailblazer Pro - 5/24 for delivery in May/June/July of this year. If you are a fan of our products and would likely order them anyway please order them in our preorder as this will help with our cash flow and allow us to stay afloat. We are giving an even bigger discount than we would typically give on these products to help  Get notified here.

If you decide to make an order of in-stock items to support us, we have put several of our most popular products on sale to help on our end, please be patient, your order WILL get to you as soon as we can ship. We will be as open as possible to let you know when that will happen.

It is times like these we can be encouraged by the goodwill of mankind that overpowers any works of evil in the world. If you can stand with us please do. We will continue to update you as we make these critical decisions to get operations back up and running. 

Thank you for taking the time to listen, 

Off The Grid Surplus

Josh, Bobby & Patrick


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Mark A Augustine

Mark A Augustine

If you need a free laborer. I live in El Cajon. And I have Mondays free. Contact me. 916-994-9177.

Bill Fitzmaurice

Bill Fitzmaurice

Good to know. No mention of this BEFORE I purchased. Got an email directing me to this blog AFTER I made the purchase. Would have been nice to know up front prior to making the purchase. This is my first purchase from your company so I can’t say anything about the product until I receive it. Hopefully it will be worth the wait!



It was great talking with you the last few KOH‘S with the NWJEEPCAST. I will wait as long as it takes to get a great product. Stay safe in these crazy times.

Joel Roach

Joel Roach

No worries stuff happens. Great product I put my order in and it will come. I’ve got 2 pair to wear for now and love them. Keep your heads up and keep going.

Edward Andrada

Edward Andrada

Thanks for the update !!!! You have a GREAT product !!!!!

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