Shipping Delay Update 3/27/20

Shipping Delay Update 3/27/20

If you haven't heard what is going on at OTG, please read our post on our current situation here. This is a follow up to that post.

Our customer's response to the delay has been mind-blowing, nearly 100% supportive. We are so grateful we have a customer base that is understanding during a troubling time. 

I am happy to say we now have an end in sight. 

Our #1 goal through this whole ordeal was to serve our customers in the best way possible. In the short term, to get the orders out quickly and in the long term, to ensure they will continue to receive excellent shipping times and service for many years to come. 

We strongly considered bringing shipping back in-house as this would guarantee ship times for the short term, but considering our growth goals as a company,  it would very quickly turn into an operation too big for us to handle, not to mention take us away from our primary functions in the company. 

So the only option was to find a 3rd party logistics company that is not only proven but also could receive our goods quickly to ship out. We talked to several and finally found one we feel is a great fit for what we do. They have gone head over heals to remedy this situation for us, pushing us to the front of every queue and will receive and start shipping in record time. 

The good news? Barring a nationwide blackout shutdown, we will be shipping by the end of next week. Our inventory is already at the new facility in Las Vegas, NV getting checked in as I write this. 

Again, thank you for your understanding and support during this trying time. We feel the love and will continue to work hard to provide you the best possible service and communication. 

P.S. If you do want to support us during this time there are a couple of ways to do so.

1. Buy our upcoming preorders, the Thunderbolt Multi-Functional Button Up is already live at up to 25% off. Trailblazer 4.0/4.1 and Trailblazer Pro is coming soon.

2. To give back to you, we also put all our most popular products on sale (15-40% off), consider it our own little OTG stimulus package. Take a look and see if there is anything you want to restock on. Remember shipping is delayed until next week.  SALE PAGE


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Leon Zelensky

Leon Zelensky

Are the Trailblazer 3.0 being phased out? Or are the sizes just not available? I’m a 32×20 and wanted to get the Taper fit in the Pavement color (Just ordered same in Coyote). I submitted my email for any updates regarding availability.
I wish you guys the best of luck given the circumstances. I’m a Vegas local if there’s anything you might need


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