Talon Sei Reviews Trailblazer Pro 2.0's

Talon Sei Reviews Trailblazer Pro 2.0's

We met Talon at Overland Expo Mt. West and hit it off. He grabbed a few pairs of Field Shorts and Trailblazer Pro 2.0's and gave us an awesome review on his channel.

We explained to him at the show how Josh designed the "Harness Pocket" on the Pros / Field Shorts because he hated not being able to access his pockets while in a harness while riding in his race jeep or UTV.

Problem solved, with an easily accessible, zippered pocket on the top of leg, you can easily access your phone to shoot the epic scenery or catch your buddy doing something ridiculous.

A couple of seconds could be the difference for that next viral video that gets you on Daily Dose of Internet, if you're into that kind of thing.


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