Justin Andrews Ambassador Of Off Road

Justin Andrews Ambassador Of Off Road

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Justin, we hope that one day you will, but be prepared to spend some time listening to more than one of the many stories he has to tell. Before his off-road days, he played in a band called The Pirkqlaters and was an aspiring diver... Just a couple of the many cool things he has to share.


Justin has been working in the off-road and vehicle recovery worlds for over 11 years, doing everything from long-distance expedition trips to on-the-fly winch rope repairs at King Of The Hammers to most recently racing it in the Every Man Challenge!

He resides in Idaho, where Factor55 winch accessory products are manufactured. His favorite movie is Point Break, which explains why you see him traveling from Idaho to the coast to practice surfing whenever he can. 

One of the very first to learn of the Off The Grid brand from Josh and an immense supporter of a clothing brand that makes purpose built clothing. Justin is a wealth of feedback on past/current products. When we say built for Off Roaders By Off Roaders we mean it...

Above all things he might be arguably the coolest dad to his son Tobey who just graduated basic training for Coast Guard and his young daughter Jovie. Not to forget recently hitched to Ashley completing their happy family. 

Times better spent Off The Grid!

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