Coach Kat

Coach Kat

How did you come to be Coach Kat? 

I'm from the Salt Colorado between Aspen in Glenwood Springs. I grew up doing all of the outdoor things and when I was about five is probably the first time that I was on a bike. My dad was a mechanic and I grew up going to the desert every spring and fall for dirt biking/camping with my dad's group of friends from the mountains. That's where I learned my appreciation of the outdoors. From climbing and running around and riding bikes and campfires. 

I would say I probably hit the parent lottery which I feel super grateful for! 


Riding Glow Up

I mostly played sports and I played soccer and basketball in college and, after college. I was working in the recreation industry which I've done most of my life.


In 2013 I got an invitation to the Colorado 500 that was guys only to date. I got to be the first woman rider on the Colorado 500 and that's something that I was really proud of. That year I was voted by the other riders to be Rookie of The Year.

The 500, you know, has been a big part of my life. They give college scholarships, and I got to be on the scholarship committee to help decide who gets the scholarships and keep in touch with the students throughout their time in school.


In 2021, I, finally decided to embrace riding fully.. it is what I wanted to do. I had some pretty big life changes and all of it was, kind of up in the air and I wasn't sure it was next, I hadn't ridden in years and I just decided that that's what I was gonna do. So I started riding a lot and even if I didn't have anyone to go with, I would go by myself.


I got really lucky of being like in the right place at the right time with incredible people such as Babes In The Dirt, and WLF Enduro Community, who brought people my way knowing who I was and then I was hired by Dirttastic, and yes I never set out to be a womans coach but it really aligned well with the things that I love to do.


I left my other careers in education, wilderness therapy and restaurant world with goal to show up as my most authentic self in the world of dirt bikes and share whatever knowledge and information I have to help others get out and ride. Took the leap..

Sold my house, moved into airstream and now am full time Coach Kat!

Community is everything and proud to be supported by and supporting like minded folks to embrace their Moto Journey. 


Kats Favorite OTG Pant Trailblazer 5.1: 

I love the Trailblazer 5.1 pant for everything. It allows full range of motion allowing me to do all the activities from working on the ranch to working on the motos with no restriction. The higher waist cut makes them comfortable all day as well. 

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