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American Made Initiative

American Made Initiative

The number one question we get asked on our social media ads is this...

Are your products MADE IN THE USA!?!?

And the answer is complicated, so buckle up.

When Josh started this company, he did so by selling the brand out of his backpack. 

He wanted to bring a true outdoor lifestyle brand to the off-roading, motorsports, adventure community, creating apparel specifically made for this audience. 

But, there was one issue.

As a husband and father of two living in Southern California, he wasn't rich, nor did he have a rich uncle. 

So he would design and screenprint branded t-shirts and go to events like King of the Hammers and Sierra Del Sol, selling them out of his backpack. 

He did this knowing that if it took off, even just a little bit, he would maybe have enough capital to truly serve this community with his expertise...cut n' sew product (which is very expensive to produce). 

He was selling an idea on a budget...

He knew that some of the other outdoor brands were against OHV use in the trails of our great country and he was over it. 

He scraped together just enough time (while working full-time as an apparel designer for other major brands) to finally launch an Indiegogo campaign that raised just under $11,000 to finally launch our first cut n' sew product. 

After getting all the money stolen in a wire transfer scam (another story for another day), he finally got the first round of Trailblazers... now known as the 1.0's... produced. 

These pants sold out in 6 weeks and yes, they were made overseas. 



NUMBER ONE, It was cost-effective.

Josh wasn't backed by a big investor.  Without this option, there is likely no Trailblazer 1.0s, and without the Trailblazer 1.0s it's also likely Off The Grid doesn't exist today.

NUMBER TWO, technical fabric is extremely difficult to source in the USA. 

There are little to no mills that produce exactly the function that was important to Josh, the fabrication,  stretch, weight, hand-feel... everything he knew he needed in the pants. 


We have had a few years under our belt and with the current climate in this country, we have decided if we can make product in the US, we will.

If we can't source it now, we won't stop until we at least have an option for USA made products (even if it costs us more).

At the end of the day, USA made is more expensive, but that is OK, we believe if our audience wants it they will put their money where their mouth is and pony up. 

This journey has already begun and has created some awesome new relationships with Multicam™ and  American factories that we are currently working alongside.  

We are excited for our future in American made product. 

For now, we are starting with what we know we can produce here. 

T-Shirts and Hoodies.

From here on out all OFF THE GRID Tees will be American-made. 

Will they be a bit more expensive?


But if you support this initiative we will continue to produce it, the more we produce the less costly it becomes. Simple supply and demand.

SO... the question for you is this:

If made available, is it important to you to buy American-made even if it costs a little more? 

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Christopher Lee Horn

Christopher Lee Horn

American Made means American made of American products by Americans. Unlike some companies say it but it is product from other countries.

Eric Molina

Eric Molina

I just believe in America and in American made products keep the jobs here we as Americans produce quality..thank you

David  Sistek

David Sistek

Yes I prefer to buy American,but it is a struggle.. I wish you luck in your pursuit. Don’t quit.

Jeffrey Myers

Jeffrey Myers


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