What Getting Hi-Centered in Ocotillo Showed Us About the Thunderbolt Shirt

What Getting Hi-Centered in Ocotillo Showed Us About the Thunderbolt Shirt

We got the 4Runner stuck...really stuck.

Hi-centered and we had to dig it out... in 100-degree heat.

Fortunately, we had two strapping men to get the job done.

We were out in Ocotillo Wells, CA (on private land) for a video shoot to show all the features of the new Thunderbolt Shirt.

What we didn't know is that this (unplanned) circumstance gave us what we have come to believe is the BEST unintended feature of this amazing shirt.

You see, Josh (OTG founder) and Jordan (Josh's brother-in-law) are known to sweat significantly while working, and digging out a hi-centered vehicle is some serious manual labor.

Josh was wearing a typical cotton tee and Jordan was wearing the new Thunderbolt short-sleeve button-up.

This is the first true test for the Thunderbolt Shirt and Jordan couldn't believe what he experienced.

The shirt is a legitimate work shirt and comes in decently heavy; the small weighs nearly a pound so one would expect that it wouldn't do well in high heat.

But... the way Josh designed the shirt it outperformed our expectations.

Jordan couldn't believe how cool he stayed while sweating inside the shirt, he opened the front vent pocket and felt the slight breeze run through the shirt and out the back centerline vent.

He said, "I literally feel cool right now, this shirt is insane". The air was hitting the sweat on his body and was keeping him cool.

Now, this is how sweat is supposed to work, it evaporates and keeps us cool, but typically you look like Josh (pictured below) as the sweat seeps through the shirt and makes you look like you just got out of a dirty sauna.

Jordan's shirt, on the other hand, looked nice and fresh, but still kept him cool because the Thunderbolt has a Teflon™ coating that is stain and water-resistant.

So the sweat evaporated while staying on his body and did not seep through making him look like Josh. He was looking nice and fresh and believe me, he sweats just as much as Josh, if not more.

Jordan owns a plumbing company called Major Plumbing out of Escondido, CA and he said that he couldn't wait for his guys to get in the shirt because they can sweat a ton, the shirt will keep them cool, AND they will still look professional.

He has since ordered 50 shirts and is going to get them embroidered with his company logo for his plumbers.

We wanted to share this with you because it is a great lesson that even when things don't go your way (like getting your rig stuck in the hot desert) the outcome might be very positive.

Hence, the Thunderbolt shirt, now (as Jordan put it) with "built-in AC".

Until next time, stay healthy and when everything opens up we will see you out there!

Jordan And Josh Digging Out


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