The new and improved Trailblazer Pants simplify your clothing options so that you only need one peice of clothing instead of 3 or 4. We combine the best features from outdoor, workwear and tactical into one everyday wearable package. We take you from the jobsite to the campsite with ease.  

Here's whats new with these Trailblazer Pants:

We upgraded the fabric to be 20% heavier and stretchier. This new fabric has 97% USA-grown cotton and 3% lycra. The zippers are made with high-quality materials and move smoothly. They are sourced from the USA to ensure their durability and reliability. The overall fit has been revised; the waistband has more stretch, allowing the pants to sit correctly across the front and hips to help prevent the pants from binding.

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Trailblazer Taper Fit Pants - BLKTrailblazer Taper Fit Pants - BLK
Trailblazer Taper Fit Pants - BLK Sale priceFrom $138.00
Trailblazer Taper Fit Pants - DeadwoodTrailblazer Taper Fit Pants - Deadwood
Trailblazer Taper Fit Pants - DK OliveTrailblazer Taper Fit Pants - DK Olive
Trailblazer Taper Fit Pants - PavementTrailblazer Taper Fit Pants - Pavement
Trailblazer Standard Fit Pants - BLKTrailblazer Standard Fit Pants - BLK
Trailblazer Standard Fit Pants - DeadwoodTrailblazer Standard Fit Pants - Deadwood
Trailblazer Standard Fit Pants - DK OliveTrailblazer Standard Fit Pants - DK Olive
Trailblazer Standard Fit Pants - PavementTrailblazer Standard Fit Pants - Pavement